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Workshops and Trainings

The National Center for Bicycling & Walking has a 30 year history of consulting with communities on ways to improve conditions for bicycling and walking. Whether your goal is to increase the number of students walking to school in your city, to build support for your new Pedestrian Master Plan, to improve safety for pedestrians, or you have another similar goal, the NCBW is here to help you. We have worked in large, dense urban areas, and towns that are barely noted on a  map. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our workshops. If you are in Rochester, New York, you are not going to see pictures with palm trees in our presentations. If you are in Bakersfield, California, we will not talk about tony planned communities in Florida. We specialize in helping local government and concerned residents work together  to improve transportation at the neighborhood and community level.

Here are some of our more popular programs:

Active Community Workshops

Formerly referred to as the Walkable Community Workshop series, NCBW has been offering these workshops since 2003. Our workshops are based on the idea that transportation planning decisions should be made at the local level, and should include residents, senior citizens, transportation planners, engineers, elected officials, business owners, public health practitioners, and above all, pedestrians and bicyclists. Our workshops can be one day events, or multiple day, multiple workshop visits.

Our workshops have been used by public officials and local advocates to further a variety of goals including: reducing a city’s carbon footprint, creating environments that encourage physical activity, improving pedestrian safety, improving connections for walking and bicycling, and steering development towards walkable neighborhoods.

Contact Mark Plotz at for more information.

Safe Routes to School

While the practice of Safe Routes to School has been around for less than a decade,  NCBW  quickly established itself as a leading national expert in this field. Our specialty is working with urban schools which tend to be short of resources and volunteers, and long on the number of students walking to school. We have also worked with numerous suburban school districts, as well as individual schools that have decided to take the initiative.

Whether your school district needs help with designing a comprehensive transportation plan for its schools, or you are still considering  your first Walk to School Day, we can meet your needs. Our approach to Safe Routes to School depends on involving students and the community from Day 1.

Examples of our work include: workshops for school faculty on introducing SRTS into the school’s curriculum; assisting schools in developing a school travel plan to apply for state SRTS grants; brokering community meetings to address parental concerns about traffic and personal safety; and formal workshops for a broad range of stakeholders on how to implement a successful Safe Routes to School program.

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Training the Trainer

The staff members of the National Center for Bicycling & Walking have facilitated hundreds of workshops, have worked as consultants at all levels of government, and have worked successfully with citizen advocates, engineers, planners, city councils, chambers of commerce, and other disparate groups to improve walking and bicycling opportunities. Let us teach you how to do the same.

Consider the NCBW for your next professional development opportunity. Our three day training-the-trainer programs will expose you to exemplary walkable and bicycle-friendly cities. More importantly, we will meet with the people that made possible these great places. Finally, we will prepare you to lead workshops in your community, by holding a mock Active Community Workshop, and supplying you with instruction and materials on how to give an effective presentation, conduct a successful walking audit, and how to move people from inspiration to implementation.

Past trainings have been held in the Washington DC area and the San Jose (CA) area. This training can be paired with an Active Community Workshop or Safe Routes to School package.

Contact Mark Plotz at for more information.

Consulting Services

The mission of the National Center for Bicycling and Walking (NCBW) is to change the way communities are planned, designed, and managed to ensure that people of all ages and abilities can walk and bike easily, safely, and regularly. As part of this mission, we regularly provide pro bono technical assistance to those in need. If you have a question about our rates, or you are in need of additional services that are not mentioned above, we encourage you to contact us. Let us know how we can help your community.

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