Photo by  Chris Jordan

Site Search Instructions

The NCBW site also supports a search tool. Enter keywords in the blank text box that appears in the lower right-hand corner of each page. You have three choices for how the search tool responds to your key words:

1) Choosing "any words" will return pages that have any, but not ecessarily all, of the keywords you've entered. For example, with the keywords "Pro Walk/Pro Bike" and "conference", the search engine will return pages that mention a conference, even if it isn't the Pro Walk/Pro Bike conference. The search tool defaults to this choice.

2) Choosing "all words" will return only those pages on which all of the keywords you've chosen appear. For example, using the keywords "bicycle safety," only those pages that have both "bicycle" and "safety" represented will be returned.

3) Choosing "exact phrase" will return only those pages on which all of the keywords appear exactly as you've entered them. For example, using the keyword phrase "Complete Streets" will return only those pages in which that phrase appears. Pages with "complete" or "streets" as separated, uncapitalized words would not appear.

Click the button to the left of the search criteria. The resulting page will provide a list sorted to the most relevant pages at the top of the list.