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Even the experts are a bit overwhelmed by all of the recent materials
that explore ways to improve conditions for bicycling and walking.
NCBW's job isn't to develop a lot of new guidelines, standards, and
policies; rather, we aim to provide streamlined information to help you
determine what might work best in your situation.

Our goal is to make this site useful to as wide of an audience as
possible. To do this, we'll be thinking in terms of beginner, intermediate,
and advanced learners. We invite you to work at your own pace as you
increase your knowledge, build confidence in your skills, and make
positive changes in your community. As we find new materials in the field of
developing bicycling and walking facilities, we'll list them in this
library section.

Right now, you can find some additional materials by visiting the NCBW Publications and Other Publications pag. Also check out CenterLines, our free electronic newsletter published every two weeks. CenterLines includes details on new resources as they become available. And, if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at